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 In a progression of scholarly research on the achievement gap, the results remain the same. The data show that there is a statistically significant difference in the achievement of African American and Hispanic students compared with their Caucasian and Asian academic counterparts. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to describe the implications of the gap in achievement for young urban adults. The participants were five African American students who had dropped out of traditional school. These students described their academic decline through interviews and focus group sessions at two alternative educational sites. The data were collected and the results indicated that the students felt disconnected from their teachers and the process of education. As a result of this disconnection, they became adrift in the educational system and were eventually swallowed by the undertow.
African-American students in cities like Baltimore tend to face greater challenges in the classroom, but a national education group believes change can come about with improvements in academics and leadership.  We at Michael Pharaoh believe in giving students a more creative and culture approach when applying their minds in school so we built some products very special for them for fall 2016."

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