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Winged Scarab Beetle Necklace. Large Statement Necklace. Laser Cut Jewellery. Gold and Black. Ancient Egypt. Egyptian Jewellery.

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This beautiful winged scarab necklace serves as an amulet of power, protection and eternal life! 

Ancient Egyptians worshiped the scarab beetle as they believed it was responsible for pushing the sun into the sky each day! This special beetle has been decorated with an Ankh also known as the 'key of life' as well as the Eyes of Horus which act as a symbols of protection and healing.

The Necklace is made of 3 separate pieces of thick gold tone acrylic, which have been printed with my original illustrations and glossed to give a lovely texture and add to it's durability.

► From wing to wing the necklace measures approx 5 inches wide.

► The beetle hangs on a gold plated chain. Simply choose your desired chain length before checkout.

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